Quotix offers a wide range of features which include customer management, leads, inventory control and quotes


Easily manage your customers' information. Store multiple contacts and addresses for each customer


Quickly add information and details for a potential lead. You can mark them as Hot, Cold or to Follow-up


Categorize your inventory into items you buy or items you sell for easy and effective reporting purposes


Quickly create or update a quote and send it directly to your customer from wherever you are


Quickly and easily create invoices for your customers and keep track of your income


Keep track of your daily / monthly operating expenses in order to calculate an accurate income statement

What is Quotix?

A lot of small businesses start off by using Excel as their quoting system and it works well. We at Pixel Fix also started with using Excel as our quoting system. The problem arises when your business starts to grow and you need more than what Excel can provide.

Quotix is a web-based application that provides you with accessibility, meaning that you can access your customer data, leads, quotes and invoices from anywhere in the world. You can quickly and efficiently create a quote email it directly to your customer from within the application.


Quotix provides features such as customer relationship management, inventory control, leads, quote management and invoicing. You can quickly search for a specific quote or see all quotes related to a certain customer. This is all possible with the powerful search functions within the system.

Quotix provides multiple users and user level access which makes it scalable for any size business.


This is what Quotix look like









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